• Chocolate Farm Chocolate Bars

    Three different types of chocolate, dark, milk and white. Using specialist chocolate these bars are a premium product and as such deserved packaging to reflect the quality inside. The box construction designed by Aardvark is sealed by one gold sticker peel it away to reveal the gold wrapped chocolate experience. Printed in a single colour on ’Betulla’ a slighty flecked natural stock and deeply foil blocked in silver, gold and bronze.

  • Hedgerow Kitchen Jar Labels

    A range of labels and tamper proof lid stickers for a new company making Jellies, Jams and Chutneys using hedgerow ingredients.

  • Mr Moydens Artisan Cheeses

    A series of shaped and circular labels for our clients expanding range of specialist cheeses and butter.

  • Shropshire County Oils Labels

    Bottle labels for a new rapeseed oil company using lino cut illustration produced in house.

  • Bings Heath delivery box

    The original house style proved successful printed on the outer surface of natural coloured delivery boxes.

  • Chocolate Farm Mignardise du Chocolate

    Small chocolate pots filled with uniquely flavoured light creamy mousse. The long narrow box designed to fold together from flat
    without adhesive by Aardvark is simple and attractive reflecting the very special product inside.

  • Wenlock Hampers

    A range of hamper boxes designed for HEART of ENGLAND fine foods. Produced to celebrate the original home of HEFF and the town in which the original Olympian Games took place, Much Wenlock. The boxes are in both bright green and black and employ illustrations created by Aardvark in black and white portraying the events in which competitors participated in the 1860 games.

  • Great Berwick labels and logo

    The delicious Great Berwick beef can now be found in pies. Following the illustration theme the new labels employ Aardvark Illustration and calligraphy to good effect.

  • Great Ness Neck Tag

    Now established in both local and National outlets Great Ness needed to high light the many uses of Rapeseed Oil and in particular their ever expanding flavoured varieties. This tactile and useful concertina leaflet worked perfectly!

  • Petton preserves

    When local businesswoman Lara Gibson approached us to design her preserves labels she arrived with her own illustration
    and a fondness for the typeface Zapfino. She was struggling to find time to work on her label design whilst perfecting her unique
    Jam and Chutney recipes. Produced by Lara in her kitchen within a Shropshire walled garden her label needed to tell the story.
    Using Lara’s original illustration we were able to produce two trees, one with red fruit for the jam and Chutney and one with
    golden fruit for the Honey this coupled with some sketches she had prepared of stone walls provided the imagery we needed
    and we managed to include Zapfino as well. By worked on one straight cut label size which worked well on the three different
    jars and a stock sized oval for the small Honey jar we achieved her budget requirement and great looking jars.

  • Great Ness Boxes

    Great Ness produce a broad range of flavoured oils and their 100ml bottles were ideal for gift packs, first up was the 6 pack proving
    successful these were followed by five 3 pack selections. In 2012 to celebrate 5 years of trading Great Ness launched their eastern
    selection Lime, Orange Zest and Cardamon giving us the oportunity to develop the box designs incorporating a subtle traditional
    eastern device the ‘mango’ as a backdrop.