We are happy to have found two new partners to complete our services. Firstly a PR consultant Jocelyne Fildes ( Jocelyne has over 20 years’ experience in the publicity field, easy to work with and skilful in her approach we have benefited from the positive dimension she brings to Aardvark.

We also recognised the need for a partner in web design and management and we have at last found him, Ian Blackford from Design Conscious web design ( is a that rare breed – a technical master with a design background. Indeed you are looking at the product of our association.

Vicki Thomas is a gift design consultancy based in London offering a team of designers, illustrators and product designers coupled with research, project management, brand development and licensing.

We have been an associate of Vicki Thomas for over 20 years during which time we have worked with: Mothercare, Womens Own, Barking and Dagenham Council, Barnardos, Judges, Bible lands, MQP and Templar Books to name a few.

We invite you browse our portfolio and if you like what you see please call us or use the contact form